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At this site, CalWalls built both site walls and large capacity bio-retention walls. Our team approached design and construction by maximizing all available cost advantages while maintaining maximum structural stability. Our experience and in-depth knowledge made it possible for us to consider all potential options for this project and choose the best, fastest, and sturdiest approach.

Our work on Wildflower required:

  • specialized application of large-scale masonry
  • hillside stonework
  • complex drain system installation

CalWalls’ high-level experience with bio-retention walls was a necessity on this project. Our understanding of the products and work needed allowed us to problem-solve site-specific issues both in advance and on the job without creating costly delays or errors. The finished product was not only successful, but exceptional.

map of antioch


  • Pre-construction Consultation Site Analysis with Developer & Engineer
  • Alternative Wall System Analysis
  • Weekly project reviews with client


  • GS2 wall systems

& Equipment

  • Multiple excavators to drill helical piles to desired design depths
  • Rev and Dangle drills to assist in accurate helical pile placement
  • Intelitorque and Ipad used for recording torque values on helical piles
WildFlower, Antioch

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