Park Ridge Antioch

Davidon Homes

Commercial Project | Antioch, CA

This on-going residential community project is multi-phase. Though construction for such a development seems relatively straightforward, CalWalls’ unique expertise makes all the difference. Our highly skilled team is able to match the right products for the job at every stage of construction. This means each decision—no matter how simple it may seem—is evaluated for cost-efficiency and durability. We never automatically rely on “the usual” options.

We work with landscape architects to seamlessly incorporate these elements into the project’s overall design, while advising on product compatibility, reliability, and fit.

Our unparalleled industry knowledge and experience means we are able to find the very best solutions for our clients. We understand that even the smallest decisions on a job have downstream effects, so we approach each as part of the big picture: an opportunity to find better, faster, and stronger solutions, all while minimizing costs.

map of antioch


  • Pre-construction Consultation Site Analysis with Developer & Engineer
  • Alternative Wall System Analysis
  • Site Specific Value Engineering
  • Weekly project reviews with client


  • Retaining Walls
  • Stone Veneered Monuments
  • Pilasters
  • GS2 Block
  • Geowall
  • CMU

& Equipment

  • Multiple excavators to drill helical piles to desired design depths
  • Rev and Dangle drills to assist in accurate helical pile placement
  • Intelitorque and Ipad used for recording torque values on helical piles
Park Ridge

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Explore additional project photos to view the exceptional craftsmanship that defines our work, inspire your own retaining wall project, and envision the possibilities for your outdoor space.

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